This morning, Nike decided to suspend relations with Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson amidst accusations made towards him– involving numerous sexual assault charges.

So far, Watson is facing 22 allegations of sexual assault from his former female massage therapists. Many of them have come forward anonymously, but Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley have come forward and identified themselves in attempt to encourages more of those involved to do the same.

Although the incidents are all allegations yet to be proven true, the amount of women involved (18 who claim Watson was professional and 22 who said he acted inappropriately) is alarming and the details provided in each case have been disturbing to read. Now, with outside parties like Nike feeling the need to suspend their endorsement deal, it’s starting to feel like their is a legitimate case towards Watson.

One would hope that such an influential figure in sports wouldn’t behave in the manner that Watson has allegedly behaved, but things appear to look worse each day.

For more details on specific cases, you can look here.